Times | 20 Dicembre, 1934

The Times |  December 20, 1934

The Times | December 20, 1934

Reclamation In Italy FROM. OUR ONV CORRESPONDENT ROME, DEC. 19 Signor Mussolini, who took part last night in a popular festival at Littoria in which the inhabitants wore the traditional costumes of their old homes and danced their local dances, this morning laid the first stone of Pontinia, the third commune to be built in the area of the Pontine marshes. 1Hc announced at the same time that two other communes, to be named Ausonia and Aprilia, would be founded in October, 1935,and 1936. Pontinia, which will arise near the 78 kilometre-stone along the Via Appia, is destined to remain primarily a rural centre. It will therefore be much less ambitious than Littoria, the chief centre of the new Province. When, however, it is formally inaugurated at the end of next October it will contain suitable public buildings and all those party institutions with which the Fascist regime seeks to improve the exist- ence and occupy the leisure hours of the working classes. The land’ dn which the new settlement is to be built is said to be exceptionally fertile, suitable for pasture and for the raising of hemp, sugar beet, and other crops. Before . returning to Rome Signor Mussolini visited several of the hydraulic and other plants which are continually being put up to extend and protect the area of this vast reclamation scheme. RECLAMATION IN ITALY NEW SETTLEMENT FOUNDED

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